I'm Marcelo.  I am passionate about Content Modeling, Content Architecture and Headless CMS technology.

I look at the world around me and all I see are content models made up of content types with lots of attributes. I take unstructured documents and create structured content models around them that are maintainable, scalable, discoverable and reusable.  I work with various headless CMSs including Contentful (I'm a Certified Contentful Professional), Strapi, GraphCMS and others.

I run the Headless { Creator } podcast, meetup, webinar series and slack channel.


Currently, I'm a Senior Content Solutions Architect at ServiceTitan in charge of various Contentful projects and consult with other clients (in both English and Spanish) on content modeling and headless CMS implementation (Contentful, Strapi, GraphCMS).

Want to create scalable content models or need help with your headless CMS content strategy? Contact me!